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More About Us

Fun Fact: The Parasaurolophus was a dinosaur that could communicate over six miles apart by blowing air through the seven-foot trombone-like crest on its head. Pretty much the same as podcasting, right?

Alec studied theater at Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Florida, then headed west to Los Angeles, where he worked as an actor and songwriter for four years. After hosting a podcast, releasing an album (check it out on spotify!), and working as a content production consultant in the corporate world, Alec moved back home to Memphis. Continuing his passion for sound design, Alec was awarded Memphis Songwriter of the Year by the Memphis Songwriters Association in 2018 and founded Parasaur Studios in 2019 to help entrepreneurs and new companies make awesome podcasts.

Alec is currently the host of his own Parasaur Studios podcast called Ideally. Ideally is a podcast for successful creative entrepreneurs to share their habits, routines, and rituals. Each week listeners can see which habits resonate and mix those little positive practices into their own life design. Ideally helps listeners bridge the gap between saying "Well, ideally I would (run, read, meditate) more...." and give them the insights and tools to actually do it!

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